No Mulligans

A golf tan doesn’t belong on a corpse.

That’s the first line of my story, No Mulligans, which I’m pleased to say is included in Level Best Books’ anthology, Busted: Arrested Stories from the Beat (available on Amazon or from Level Best). The anthology is a collection of mystery stories featuring law enforcement, from an impressive group of writers including Martin Edwards and Kate Flora. And me.

What’s a Mulligan? For you non-golfers, a Mulligan is a do-over, a second try if you flub your first swing. I’m not a great golfer and I definitely need a lot of Mulligans when I’m on the golf course. But I really wish I had a stockpile of Mulligans for life off the golf course – for that careless remark I want to take back, forgetting to congratulate someone on a recent achievement, or just forgetting an appointment.

Life would be better if we had lots of second chances  But, off the golf course, there are usually no Mulligans.

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